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Meet the Staff of Cornwell Pharmacy

Cornwell Pharmacy has been serving the people of Guthrie Oklahoma since 1969. The business that Newt Cornwell built has grown in large part due to the dedication and hard work of the staff at Cornwell Pharmacy. We take your health seriously and we strive to carry on the great service and tradition that Newt Cornwell established nearly 50 years ago.


Mark Friend – Clerk (Window Boy)


Clerk - Mark Friend

Clerk – Mark Friend

“I love making customers laugh.”











Jacquelyn Evans – Pharmacy Technician


Pharmacy Technician - Jackie Evans

Pharmacy Technician – Jackie Evans

“I love working at Cornwell’s because we are like a family.

I came from a big pharmacy chain where no one worked together and I felt like it was a competition.

To quote Cheers ‘I wanna be where everyone knows your name!'”









Tanya Brewer – Pharmacy Technician


Pharmacy Technician - Tanya Brewer

Pharmacy Technician – Tanya Brewer

“We have a good group of people who work well together.

Love the small town where everyone knows everyone.

We have a close relationship with our customers.”









Dr. Ryan Wyssmann – Pharmacist/Operations


Dr. Ryan Wyssmann

Dr. Ryan Wyssmann

Cornwell Pharmacy’s Dr. Ryan Wyssmann is uniquely qualified to answer your questions.

Not only is he a doctor of pharmacy (or a Pharm-D), but he has a long background in business and customer service. He understands how important it is to be a resource of information and takes that job very seriously.

Ryan Wyssmann graduated from Oklahoma University and got trained in pharmacy compounding through the Professional Compounding Centers of America.

He was also an athlete, a former Marine and an amateur bodybuilder so he brings his knowledge of fitness, nutrition and supplementation to Cornwell Pharmacy to share with you.

Drop by today to see why Dr. Ryan Wyssmann and the staff of Cornwell Pharmacy are known for their expertise and approachability.


 Newt Cornwell – Founder


Newt Cornwell

Founder – Newt Cornwell

Newt Cornwell founded what would become Cornwell Pharmacy in 1969.

Born in Hobart, Oklahoma, he spent many of his summers with family in Guthrie while growing up. His studies led him to biology and coaching, but becoming a pharmacist became his passion in 1964 when he graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford Oklahoma.

Mr. Cornwell got married three days after graduation because his mother told him that he had to be married before he moved to Guthrie! He made Guthrie his permanent home and started working as a pharmacist two days after marriage. He’s the proud father of two children who were raised in Guthrie.

A serial entrepreneur, Newt Cornwell said, “I was raised that way. My father said if you’re going to earn money and work hard, why not do it for yourself?”

Mr. Cornwell is an active and enthusiastic community leader. He has been, or is currently working with the Guthrie Kiwanis Club, the Guthrie Jaycees, Guthrie Chamber of Commerce, the Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum and is active at the First United Presbyterian Church in Guthrie.

Newt Cornwell has a distinguished career as a pharmacist, serving the people of Guthrie and building a successful local business. He has become a leader of the Guthrie community and works hard to give back to the town he loves.

He describes his life and the life of his family as blessed and he attributes that to the people of Guthrie.