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Compounding Dosage Forms – Unique Medication Delivery for Your Unique Needs.

The commercial forms of medications sometimes do not address your specific needs. Cornwell Pharmacy, in Guthrie Oklahoma, offers a variety of different dosage forms through pharmacy compounding.

Our economical dosage forms encourage treatment and make compliance bearable for patients. There are a wide variety of alternative dosage forms available at Cornwell Pharmacy.


Creams, Lotions and Gels

Do you have problems swallowing capsules? Anti-inflammatories can create stomach irritation too. Many pain medications can be compounded as a topical gel, cream or lotion, applied directly to the source of the pain and then be absorbed through the skin.


Medicated Lozenges, Lollipops and Troches

There are several reasons that medication would be compounded into a lozenges, lollipops or troches. It may be necessary to keep drugs in the mouth so that they can do their job there. Troches can be placed under the tongue which allows medication to enter the bloodstream quickly. Lozenges, lollipops and troches are a good alternative for a patient who can’t or won’t take a pill or capsule. Sometimes a medication is destroyed or altered by digestive fluids, so this form of delivery is preferable.


Modified Release Capsules

Most of the time, modified release capsules would be created so that it will slow the release of the drug. One benefit would be that a drug would not have to be taken as often. It would also make sure that the concentration of the drug was not as intense, which would reduce the chance of side effects.



Cornwell Pharmacy can custom compound capsules to meet your specific needs.

Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free or Preservative-Free Compounding

Many patients have specific dietary needs that can be solved through compounding. For example, sugar is known to aggravate symptoms of ADHD. Some people work hard to remove preservatives from their diet and we can help to eradicate those from your medications. Some people have symptoms and conditions related to gluten and we can compound your prescription to avoid that.

Custom Flavoring

Children, in particular, can be very picky about medication, but everyone can benefit from having medicine that is easier to consume. Anything that will help make your medicine easier to take will help with compliance. Cornwell Pharmacy can compound your prescription with a flavor that you prefer.

Dr. Ryan Wyssmann

Dr. Ryan Wyssmann

Oral Liquids

Another alternative form of medicine, for people who have problems swallowing pills, is to create the prescription as an oral liquid. Additionally, some patients have problems with the taste of a commercially available liquid and we can modify that to suit your own tastes.

Dosage Forms Created for You

At Cornwell Pharmacy we can work closely with you and your physician to prepare medication in a dosage form that has been crafted for your specialized needs.  We can also bill your insurance company for your compounded medicine. Give Dr. Wyssmann and the staff of Cornwell Pharmacy a call at 405-282-7800 to discuss your compounding needs, or drop by and see us in person.  We’ll help you get answers to all your questions.