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Kids, Adults and Pets Don’t Have to Accept Bad Tasting Medicine

Kids (and adults) often have problems with the taste of medicine. The bad taste of a medicine can be more than a nuisance when it affects compliance with your health care practitioner’s prescription.

Compounding, which is the art and science of creating medications for a specific patient, may be the answer to the bad taste of your medicine.

Cornwell Pharmacy, in Guthrie Oklahoma, is a special type of pharmacy that has the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to compound medicine for you, and make it taste better.

Compounding Better Flavor for Adults and Children

Flavored compounding at Cornwell Pharmacy.

Flavored compounding at Cornwell Pharmacy.

Compounding allows us to customize medicine specifically for you or your child. Changing the flavor of a medicine is one of the easiest things to do, but has so many benefits. Compounding pharmacists have access to so many flavors and flavor combinations that make your medication easier to take.

Does your child refuse to take medication because it’s tastes “yucky”? At Cornwell Pharmacy we can take most medications and change the flavor to something like cherry, orange or chocolate so the child is less likely to put up a fight.

Adults have their own likes and dislikes too. We’ve all had to grin and bear bad tasting medicine. Sometimes your tastes change over time, or due to an illness. Sweet flavors are unbearable for some people. Bitter flavors can cause nausea. Whatever your particular tastes and preferences are can be factored into the final product. That might mean removing the flavor entirely. We can work with your health care practitioner to make it right for you.

We Can Compound for Your Pets Too

Guthrie Oklahoma’s Cornwell Pharmacy can compound for your pets too!

Dogs, cats and other animals can be very picky when it comes to taste as well. Dogs may not like getting a squirt of medication in their mouths, but what if it tasted like chicken? Your cat might like a pill better if it tasted more like fish. Horses might like alfalfa, cherry, apple, carrot or molasses flavored medicine. Cornwell Pharmacy can even create a flavor your exotic bird, rodent or reptile likes.

Pets may need alternative dosage forms, just like people do. We can alter the form of the medication to appeal more to your pet. Just changing the way a medicine is delivered can help your pet be more compliant, and get better quicker.

Cornwell Pharmacy and Flavored Compounding

Dr. Ryan Wyssmann and the staff of Cornwell Pharmacy can work closely with your health care practitioner or your veterinarian to create better tasting medicine. A short consultation with Dr. Wyssmann is all that’s necessary to give you the answers you need.

Cornwell Pharmacy can bill your insurance provider for your compounded medication too. Call us at (405) 282-7800 or drop by the pharmacy today to get started.


Cornwell Pharmacy in Guthrie Oklahoma is a Proud Member of the Professional Compounding Centers of America