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Dr. Ryan Wyssmann is ready to answer your questions!

Sometimes it’s difficult to ask certain questions to your primary care practitioner, or maybe it’s something you’re just curious about.

Here’s your chance to ask a question about diet and exercise, pharmaceutical compounding, supplements, health concerns, curiosities or current health events. Dr. Ryan Wyssmann is a doctor, an experienced pharmacist and has been answering questions with patients¬†each and every day. He’s looking forward to sharing his experience and expertise with you.

Fill out the form below to submit a question to Dr. Wyssmann that will be answered either in written form on this site, or as a video response, because if you have a question you can be sure that hundreds or thousands of others have the same question and it could help them too.

“Ask a Doctor with Dr. Ryan Wyssmann” is for general knowledge and not a substitute for individual care. Remember Dr. Wyssmann is always available in person at Cornwell Pharmacy for one-on-one answers concerning you and your unique health concerns.


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