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Keep up with health news, advice on how to stay healthy and what’s going on at Cornwell Pharmacy by joining us on our social media pages.  Right now we are on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.  We’d love to connect with you on there.  Our social media pages are a great place to ask us any questions you have or just stay informed.  We work hard to be available where you are.


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If you like Cornwell Pharmacy, your online reviews can help bring others to us and help us keep prices low.  We deeply appreciate your honest and positive reviews and your neighbors will too!  A few moments of your time makes such a big difference, not just to us, but all modern businesses.

We are listed all over the internet on services like Yelp and the Yellow Pages and many others.  Anywhere you leave a review is appreciated, but there are two places that help the most.


Google+ Business Pages has quickly risen to become one of the best places to get a review.  Thier platform allows us to share a ton of information with first-time visitors and provide timely updates through posts.  If you want to give us a review click here and look for the review icon in the upper left hand corner.  They will ask for a rating from 1-5 and we encourage you to leave a comment as well.

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It’s certainly no secret that everyone is on Facebook and we get a lot of engagement on our Facebook Page.  A review on Facebook is very much appreciated!  Please visit our Facebook Page and look right below the header image, to the left.  Facebook also asks for a rating from 1-5 and again, your comments are encouraged!

New Features

We’re always looking for new ways to keep in contact with you.  There are a couple of new features that are coming to our social networking sites, but if you have an idea for a feature, or just have a question for Dr. Ryan Wyssmann then send us a message and we’ll get right back to you.